Fee Structure

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Class Annual FEEs
B.A. Pt I 13500
B.A. Pt II 12500
BB.A. Pt III 11500
B.Com. Pt I 13500
B.Com. Pt II 12500
B.Com. Pt III 11500
B.Sc. Bio Pt I 17500
B.Sc. Bio Pt II 16500
B.Sc. Bio Pt III 15500
B.Sc. Maths Pt I 17500
B.Sc. Maths Pt II 16500
B.Sc. Maths Pt III 15500
BCA Pt I,II,III 20000
M.Sc. Botony (Prev.) 27000
M.Sc. Botony (Final) 26000
M.Sc. Chemistry (Prev.) 35000
M.Sc. Chemistry (Final) 33500
M.Sc. Physics (Prev.) 30000
M.Sc. Physics (Final) 27000
M.Sc. Zoology (Prev.) 27000
M.Sc. Zoology (Final) 26000
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